AARP for gas or Liquid fuel based Captive Cogeneration Plants
Offered By Division T2

  • Waste heat utilization using AARP greatly improves Cogeneration System efficiency from typically 30 - 45% to 70 - 90%. AARP for Cogeneration plants utilizes heat rejected (waste heat) from Reciprocating engine or Gas turbine to produce refrigeration. This is done in following ways.
  • Exhaust gas of Reciprocating engine genset is typically in the temperature range of
    • HFO Engine Genset: 325°C
    • Gas Engine Genset: 350°C to 600°C
    • HSD Engine Genset: 350°C to 550°C
  • This heat is recovered and can be used to drive AARP for Cogeneration Plants which can give refrigeration temperatures as low as -55°C.
  • Engine Jacket hot water heat is used to drive hot water driven AARP for Cogeneration Plants. The typical temperature range of this hot water is 80°C to 121°C (above 100°C, it is called ebullient cooling). The AARP for Cogeneration Plants running on this hot water gives temperatures of +3°C to -10°C.
  • The heat from exhaust of Gas Turbine is recovered to drive the AARP. The typical temperature of Exhaust gas ranges from 450°C to 550°C and AARP can give refrigeration up to -55°C.